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A leading news platform.

Newsslash is one of the most far-reaching video on demand news platforms in German-speaking countries. We publish the latest news about Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Sky. Apart from daily news, we also feature exciting interviews with leading professionals such as Heiko Hubertz, founder of Bigpoint & Whow Games, or Siegfried Müller, founder of Travian Games GmbH.

Building a successful news platform has equipped us with abilities and resources you can benefit from: we know how to create content that attracts users, how to make it visible via SEO, how to analyze and interpret their behaviour online, and what actions to take in order to increase viewership by using different media channels.

What's in it for you?

Large audience: 1 Million readers per month

Given our large readership, we’re an attractive partner for advertising clients such as ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. We’re happy to also showcase your ad on our platform.

Fresh content: SEO-optimized content that readers love

Of course, running a successful news platform is impossible without talented editors. Our team creates fresh, authentic content that meets the readers’ tastes. If you can’t quite get the hang of what the online generation is looking for – we can help you out with suitable content.

Multiple channels: News platform, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

We’re versed in creating successful Social Media campaigns because Newsslash is also popular on Instagram and Facebook. With our content we increase your visibility and traffic on all your media channels.